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Thursday, December 30, 2004 Stock Screen: The Top 10 Screen Stock Screen: The Top 10 Screen
This was the latest news item on DHB and a WSJ article (SmartMoney)

Here is the text of the article:

Top Performers

December 30, 2004; Page D2

Few Wall Street adages are more difficult to heed than "run with your winners." The temptation for many investors is to sell their top-performing stocks quickly to lock in gains, while hanging on to sagging shares in hopes they'll bounce back.

Pros advise just the opposite, urging investors to sell losers quickly and without remorse, while holding on to or even adding to winning positions.


About half of these top performers of 2004 still have reasonable PEG ratios.

A good place to look for the most promising stocks for 2005, then, might be among the biggest gainers of 2004. We recently screened through 8,000 companies for just such winners. Our prerequisites were few: each company had to have been profitable and have posted sales of at least $300 million during the past 12 months, have a share price of at least $5 and be covered by at least one analyst. (We also excluded basic-materials companies from our search to keep the steel industry, a major beneficiary of the weakening dollar, from dominating the results.) The top 10 companies in terms of year-to-date stock performance are on our list.

Which look poised to continue their run? Because of their relatively low price/earnings-to-growth, or PEG, ratios, four companies caught our attention: Coldwater Creek Inc., Bluegreen Corp., Navarre Corp. and DHB Industries Inc. The PEG ratio is calculated by dividing a company's price/earnings ratio by its projected long-term earnings-growth rate. That makes it useful for assessing the price of a fast-growing company's shares relative to it prospects. The Standard & Poor's 500-stock index has a PEG of around 1.6 right now. Stocks with PEGs less than that can be considered less expensive than the overall market. Those with PEGs near or below 1.0, in particular, are worth a closer look.


Worden TC2000 - New Stuff for You in January 2005

New Stuff for You in January 2005

From an email from Worden and their website. I have downloaded Worden Studio. It is a work in progress but worth a look, esecially for the ETFs and the news feature.

As we count down to January 1, we’ve finalized our new year’s resolution. We are going to spoil you rotten this year with new tools and very unique data ideas – at no extra cost to you. Our goal is to dig deep down into our database and find quality information for you that other traders simply don’t see. Below is a sampling of what you’ll find at over the next several weeks – all included with your current service at no extra charge:

* The New TeleChart 2005 – You'll soon be able to download this new release online – no CD-ROM necessary. Since data is stored on your hard drive, it absolutely smokes when calculating Personal Criteria Formulas and moving through charts. You can apply to be a beta tester now or wait patiently for the final release in just a few weeks.
* New Year’s Video – Peter Worden reviews a handful of select stock charts and sector charts developing into nice long-term patterns for the next year.
* New Web Tool – that calculates the 50 Cent Advance/Decline Line. This is no ordinary A/D line. Several years ago we saw the decimalization of the stock market destroy breadth indicators. Stocks that move only a few cents greatly skew A/D line data. Now you can access this much more relevant A/D line that only counts stocks up or down at least 50 cents each day. This unique indicator will be available for over 250 indices and sectors.
* Worden Studio™ (available now!) – a new platform of desktop tools that currently includes historical fundamental graphs, exchange-traded fund (ETF) charts, pro football charts, and high quality news from over 40 sources for individual ticker symbols - plus sector charts featuring our brand new Trend Quality™, Standout Volume™, and Fundamental Health™ indicators. You can download it now at


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Nice looking chart with some good indicators in a strong industry group. This one warrants a watching and some further research. Posted by Hello
The stock is STTX Steel Technolgies Inc. My apologies on not being able to read the chart so well, I need to work on that.


QAOMF.X: Summary for COGT Jan5 30.0 P - Yahoo! Finance

QAOMF.X: Summary for COGT Jan5 30.0 P - Yahoo! Finance
I sold 5 put contracts on COGT today @ $0.60. This is a strong stock in the biometrics field and a recent high flying IPO. I would not mind owning this stock as a core long term holding so if I do wind up getting it put to me at Jan expiration I will hold it and consider covered calls on the position.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gallery View - NSSC, Napco Security Systems

Gallery View - NSSC
Gap Up open! Opened @ 12.85 Hit 13.75 early. 13.06 real-time as of this posting. Huge volume surge in first hour of the trading day. News must be forthcoming as this much interest in this stock doesn't come around that often.

I'd like to see a major firm Buy recommendation, followed by a move to the $15 mark and then get some IBD coverage.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

NSSC: Late Day Surge on large Volume - New 52 week High! 11.80

NSSC: Summary for NAPCO SEC SYS INC - Yahoo! Finance

I hope this bodes well for some follow through action. It has been like watching paint dry, but price and volume lit up late today on no news. Let's hope someone knows something, and the good news follows.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

Las Vegas Sands - New Casino IPO

From the Trader Wizard's Daily Show 12/9

Interesting IPO to keep an eye on.

A new company to be known as the Las Vegas Sands Corp plans an IPO of about 23.8 million shares of common stock plus an underwriter's 15 percent green shoe option to purchase 3.5 million shares. That would put 27.3 million shares out, which is a small float given that friends and family will keep many of these shares off the market for years.

Las Vegas Sands owns the highly profitable Venetian mega-resort on the Las Vegas Strip and a major new hotel and casino in Macau, nearby Hong Kong. Expected proceeds of about $536.8 million, at the IPO price of about $21, will be used to build a $1.6 billion, 3,000-room Palazzo mega-resort next to the Venetian.

The Palazzo is expected to open in 2007. The combined Palazzo, Venetian and Sands Expo and Convention Center would be the largest resort and hotel complex in the world, with more than 7,000 hotel rooms and suites.

At an IPO price of $21, LVS would have a market capitalization of about $6.8 billion, making it the third-largest gambling company in the world behind Harrah's Entertainment (NYSE: HET) and MGM Mirage (NYSE: MGG) if their proposed mergers are approved.

The Las Vegas Sands has already been approved for listing on the NYSE under the symbol "LVS." I expect the IPO will be hot.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

NSSC: Summary for NAPCO SEC SYS - Yahoo! Finance - Somethings Up!

NSSC: Summary for NAPCO SEC SYS - Yahoo! Finance

Wow, what a break out move on 2X normal volume already. Something has got to be up with this. Long and strong for 600 shares. 500 plus by 20% stock dividend that just went into the account yesterday.