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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Worden TC2000 - New Stuff for You in January 2005

New Stuff for You in January 2005

From an email from Worden and their website. I have downloaded Worden Studio. It is a work in progress but worth a look, esecially for the ETFs and the news feature.

As we count down to January 1, we’ve finalized our new year’s resolution. We are going to spoil you rotten this year with new tools and very unique data ideas – at no extra cost to you. Our goal is to dig deep down into our database and find quality information for you that other traders simply don’t see. Below is a sampling of what you’ll find at over the next several weeks – all included with your current service at no extra charge:

* The New TeleChart 2005 – You'll soon be able to download this new release online – no CD-ROM necessary. Since data is stored on your hard drive, it absolutely smokes when calculating Personal Criteria Formulas and moving through charts. You can apply to be a beta tester now or wait patiently for the final release in just a few weeks.
* New Year’s Video – Peter Worden reviews a handful of select stock charts and sector charts developing into nice long-term patterns for the next year.
* New Web Tool – that calculates the 50 Cent Advance/Decline Line. This is no ordinary A/D line. Several years ago we saw the decimalization of the stock market destroy breadth indicators. Stocks that move only a few cents greatly skew A/D line data. Now you can access this much more relevant A/D line that only counts stocks up or down at least 50 cents each day. This unique indicator will be available for over 250 indices and sectors.
* Worden Studio™ (available now!) – a new platform of desktop tools that currently includes historical fundamental graphs, exchange-traded fund (ETF) charts, pro football charts, and high quality news from over 40 sources for individual ticker symbols - plus sector charts featuring our brand new Trend Quality™, Standout Volume™, and Fundamental Health™ indicators. You can download it now at


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