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Friday, November 12, 2004

IBD's Special Section on Homeland Defense

Not sure how accurate this message board post is, but I seem to agree that it is possible that these stocks will be covered in the IBD special. I also am not sure when the issue is supposed to be out - it may be this weekend (Monday's) issue.

RAE...detection devices! A
DHB...armor for the troops! A+
ASEI...Port and landbased security! A-
SINT...Security Communications! A+
COGT...Identification recognition! A
IDNX...Identification recognition! C
ISSX...internet security! A+ for middle east Businesses! A-

I added in the IBD Stock checkup ratings. I was already in on RAE, and IDNX. I just put some orders in for NSSC and DHB. Let's see if I get them today. I went just below the bids (for now)


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