Business Week

Monday, December 05, 2005

A Monthly Routine - As Suggested by The Kirk Report Blog

This idea of doing a monthly review of High Volume Gainers is a great idea - and I am going to add the reminder to my calendar starting now!
I was just looking at some charts and saying to myself: "How come I am not finding candidate stocks for huge Gap Up moves in the charts I am scanning?" I'd even be happy to see them after the initial move, as many times a large Gap Up is followed by a nice sustained upward move over a longer period. I need to stop thinking that I missed the +2-3 point move - when I look later and see 20-30 points I wind up kicking myself. Maybe that is the problem, I need to stop dwelling on the ones I miss and work harder at finding the next batch of movers.

A Monthly Routine: "

At the end of every month, I have a reminder set in my PIM that it is time to take a closer look at this month's high-volume gainers and losers. Why do I do this? Simply put, it enables me to focus my attention on stocks that have simply slipped through the …