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Saturday, February 25, 2006

T3 Tony's Tech Talk Blog: Welcome to TextPayMe

T3 Tony's Tech Talk Blog: Welcome to TextPayMe
I just posted about this interesting new service on my Tech Talk Blog! Check it out!

I just signed up for this cool new service that lets you send money to others via text messaging from your cell phone. Great for those times when you need to pay someone for something, splitting a bill, chipping in for a group gift, etc...

For a limited time - you get a $5 credit for opening an account - and if you spread the word and get 36 referrals - they say you can get a free XBOX 360 (but the deadline is soon March date) I figured I would try to spread the word and see if I can get in the running for the XBOX. So, how about giving it a try.

SignUp at TextPayMe


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