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Thursday, July 08, 2004

VTA breakout $6.83

Fallond invest history - VTA breakout $6.83

Contemplating (but hopefully not for too long) whether to jump back in on Vesta VTA. It ha finally broken out in conjunction with an IPO spin off of part of their insurance business.

Short term target is $8.50 with a stop loss at 5.99


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Tony said...

So, it has been a trading day and a half since entering this position and what a ride it has been (to the down side so far - of course)

Let's see!

I should have contemplated the decision a bit longer and not jumped in so early in the day. I saw the potential move up and got in - then it went down, down, down.

I decided to "fire" with this one and went for 800 shares. I should have went in with 1/2 the position at first - then followed up at a lower price.

On Friday - holy crap! What a sell off. Down to 5.90 at one point early in the AM. Had I set that 5.99 stop loss I mentioned, I would have been out with another loss. (See AXCA stopped out post)


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