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Friday, July 02, 2004

More AXCA info

From the Yahoo! message board but the author of this info had some good info.

It formed a near-perfect 3-month cup with a 2-week handle breaking out on june 18 with 6 times average daily volume. Reaffirming the following day by closing in the upper half of its trading range on nearly 4 times its average daily volume. it has been in an upward sloping pattern ever since.

Its last run carried it from a low of $12.05 to $20.80; a 72% increase. no reason to think it cannot see $28-29 on this run.

Big money doesn't often get it wrong. institutions are buying this thing up.

companywise revenue has been up every quarter.

the future is bright.(click on: Axcan Pharma - June 2004)


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